Little Digits

2.0 Update (read all about it):

The app is discounted by 50% if you purchase it from Apple via the Volume Purchase Programme for Education (20 copies or more).


Little Digits is a fun educational app that teaches children about numbers by putting a new spin on finger counting.

Using the iPad multi-touch screen, Little Digits displays number characters by detecting how many fingers you put down. Children can learn to associate the number on the screen with the number of fingers they place down, whilst enjoying the unique characters and animations of the Little Digits world.

There are also games that introduce small addition and subtraction calculations, where you can work out the answer using the same multi-touch finger detection.

This is an app that will grow with your child’s numerical understanding. Not only can they discover numbers through initial independent play, you can also play collaboratively with your child, each putting fingers down to count and work out calculations together. Then when your child is ready, they can work out the answers for themselves, using their own little digits!


“Little Digits is an amazing app for preschoolers who are just learning the basics of counting, adding, and subtracting” – Common Sense Media

“Novel idea and can be expanded on by playing with your child, or having two kids work together to explore simple math concepts.” – Teachers With Apps

“Our testers loved using one finger, multiple fingers, every other finger, one hand, both hands… Friendly monster numbers set to an upbeat rhythmic musical background motivated users to keep practicing different finger combinations – even when little finger muscles started to get tired!”
–Marica, The iMums

“excellent concept (combining learning with fun), funny illustrations and animations, extremely simple operation (innovative concept of multifinger interaction with the device), great educational value.” – Appysmarts

“I like how it teaches early math on all fronts; you can’t just simply memorize a number by its shape/symbol, you must understand its numerical value, be able to recognize the number and its amount by hearing it, and then determine what will happen to that amount if you add some or take away from it” – apps4moms

“Let me just say, I love the Little Digits app and its intuitive design” – The iPhone Mom

“Many children learn to count from one to ten using their fingers, so why not transfer that idea to a touchscreen? That’s the concept behind Little Digits from British app developer Cowly Owl, and it’s a treat.” – Apps Playground

“This app would be wonderful for those children who have difficulty understanding math, counting, and number recognition. It really is great for a preschool aged child.” – iKidApps

“Little Digits is genuinely one of those ‘We wish we’d thought of that!’ apps.” – Tap! Magazine

“What truly makes this app special is not just the thoughtful method of teaching but the wonderful sense of style” – Giggle Apps

“Little Digits was a real delight to test, and I was so amazed at how simple and how well executed the game concept is. ” – Four Little Testers

“It’s a clever way for a child to work their way through the numbers up to ten and back again” – Cool Mom Tech

“Little Digits is a fantastic way to help young kids fully understand the relationship between quantities and actual numbers through presenting it in a physical way which is accessible to them – counting using their fingers. The graphics are bright and colourful with a space theme and each number is in the form of a cute little character. The fact that the whole app is based on interaction keeps it engaging and children are suddenly learning without even realising they are doing so.” –

“I find Little Digits to be a unique app with a special purpose, i.e. practicing finger counting skills, that will be essential to your juniors. Given enough practice with the app, I believe your juniors would also improve their fine motor skills significantly, allowing them to control each finger independently.” – Geeks With Juniors

“your kids learn to count with their fingers in a very immersive way that will almost definitely make numbers stick in their minds” – Famigo

“Counting is one of the most important skills a child can learn. Little Digits is an adorable educational app that helps kids do that in a fun, intuitive way.” – Gizmodo

“Cowly Owl makes adorable iOS apps for kids” – Boing Boing