Cowly Owl

Cowly Owl creates games for the whole family to play together.  These games encourage creative exploration and social interaction, designed with all ages in mind.

Here at Cowly Owl we’re on a mission to bring families together through the joy of games. Playing games collaboratively develops problem solving skills, encourages bonding and creates memories of time shared with loved ones. We’ve dedicated ourselves to encouraging social interaction. We’ve really thought about how we can encourage families to play face to face, in real person, gathered around a shared screen.  Why? Because the family that plays together, stays together.

These local multiplayer games are designed for mobile devices and consoles. Ideal for family game nights, lazy afternoons and parties.  All of our games are high quality, playful, charming and filled to the brim with joy & wonder.

Chris O'Shea


Cowly Owl was founded in 2012 by Chris O’Shea. Chris is a dad, developer and digital artist who currently dwells in Somerset, having swapped the bustle of London for a different pace of life.

After years of creating public interactive art installations, Chris came to realise that what he loved most was facilitating the chance for people to interact with each other, when playing with technology. He wanted to explore bringing these ideas to a wider audience, giving everyone the opportunity to access similar experiences, through personal devices, within their own homes.

The games are developed artistically and lovingly ensuring that the final product is one that he would be proud for his own family to use.

Cowly Owl is a fully independent company.