Wow your kids with these easter eggs, hidden little surprises and things you might not have noticed in Sizzle & Stew.


Sizzle & Stew cooking game

Each time you start the game, hidden somewhere in the kitchen is a mini piñata toy. Take this to the dining room, a full size piñata will appear with lots of sweets.

Fishing Rod

Sizzle & Stew

Once you’ve been playing the game for 5 minutes, a fishing rod will appear in the dining room. You can attempt to eat or cook with it, quickly making a lot of mess. 🐟


Sizzle & Stew

Did you know that if you put any food in the freezer and close the door, it will get turned into a block of ice? Of course, you can heat it to melt the ice.

Hair Dryer

If you put the game in 2 player mode, you will find a hair dryer in the dining room. It can be taken to the kitchen too, creating lots of mayhem.

Heating Sauces

Sizzle & Stew

If you heat sauce bottles (ketchup / soy / mustard), they spray everywhere, shooting bottles into the air and covering anything in range. 🍅

Washing Machine

If you add sauce and sprinkles to food but change your mind, you can clean them in the washing machine.

Resizing Machine

Sizzle & Stew

The resizing machine doesn’t just shrink and grow food, it can be used for many other items too.

Extractor Fan

Sizzle & Stew

The extractor above the oven helps remove bad smells, but did you know it can pull anything nearby up into the air?

Kitchen Window

Sizzle & Stew

You can open the window in the kitchen, letting sticks and leaves in. You can use these in your recipes and eat them. You can also drop items out of the window and lose them. Notice how the sky colour matches the real time of day. 🍃

Cooking Eggs

Sizzle & Stew

In the fridge you might find some eggs, that when broken will release an uncooked egg. If you cook an egg before breaking the shell, you’ll get a hard boiled egg 🍳

Making Tea

Sizzle & Stew

You can add a tea bag to water and heat it to make a nice warm cup of tea.

Edible Flowers

Sizzle & Stew

Flowers found in the game can be eaten, cooked, frozen or covered in ketchup just like any other foods.


Sizzle & Stew

The toaster doesn’t just cook food, it can launch anything that will fit inside into the air.

Drinking from the pot

Sizzle & Stew

It’s not just cups you can drink from, filling the pan with liquid will let you drink from it too.

Biscuit Tin

Sizzle & Stew

Who wouldn't love a never ending biscuit tin? You can find it in the kitchen. 🍪